The Blight Resource Guide is a comprehensive compendium of resources available to individuals, neighborhood associations and community groups to address the ongoing problem of blighted properties in New Orleans. The Guide is meant to provide a starting point for New Orleans residents and community organizations to learn about the City’s code enforcement process and about the resources available to them. Community resources include governmental assistance, nonprofit agencies and programs, and private sector resources. The Blight Resource Guide is a joint venture of the Committee for a Better New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance, as part of their partnership in the Housing Community of Interest pilot program of the New Orleans Citizen Participation Project.

An online version of the Blight Resource Guide, with ongoing updates, will be established and maintained as part of this project. Download the PDF from GNOHA’s website, under “Community Info” here, or at the link below. Support for this project came from the Open Society Foundations and First NBC bank.

Access the Blight Resource Guide by clicking here.

Also, see the complementary NOLA Blight Organizing Toolkit online at

If you would like to request that changes or updates be made to any of the information contained in the Blight Resource Guide, please contact us using the form below.

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